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UI Developer profile comes under frontend developers who build User Interface or Front End of a website. Frontend is very vast now. Frontend also includes framework like Angular, backbone, knockout or libraries like Vue JS, React JS with Redux etc. To build User Interface of a website, a UI Developer must know HTML, CSS and JavaScript or jQuery used to build User Interface of a website. UI Developer / Frontend Developer is one of the fastest growing job profile in IT Sector.


UI Interview Questions: - 

UI developer interview questions with answers. If you are looking for latest UI Interview questions with answers, you are at right place. Here are some commonly asked UI Developer Interview Questions with answers.


Question: what is difference between UI and UX

Answer: UI means USER Interface and UX means User Experience. UI is mainly related to look and feel, colors combinations, fonts selections and layout. But UX is related to how UI is used, i.e. usability, wire-framing, interaction with UI. UI focus on coding skills like HTML, CSS and Javascript, but UX focus on interaction with UI.

Design of button is UI, but interaction with the button is UX.


Question: What is Semantic HTML?

Answer: Website performance play a major role. As per Google Lighthouse ( included in chrome browser ) and Think With Google website, the performance of a website is excellent if its loading time is under 4 seconds. A website is fair if loading time is 4 to 5 seconds. But a website is poor if loading time is more than 8 seconds.

 Even Chrome Lighthouse test available in Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Chromium browser is good for website performance and Usability testing.

Answer: Use Chrome Lighthouse, a build in tool in chrome, edge chromium and chromium browser to test website speed, performance, usability and SEO of website.


Question: What is the difference between XHTML, HTML4 and HTML5?

Answer: XHTML was the cleaner and stricter version of HTML4. Whereas HTML5 is the latest Web Standard with CSS & JavaScript. HTML5 is the latest version of HTML with semantic elements, audio video, new form elements and attributes, Web APIs and CSS3.


Question: What is Semantic HTML?

Answer: HTML5 introduced semantic tags like header, nav, article, section, aside, footer and figcaption. These tags convey the containing content. Whereas in html4, div tag was used to create partitions using descriptive classes. Semantic Elements results better in search results and social media crawling.


Question: Difference between reset.css and normalize css?

Answer: reset.css removes all build-in browsers styling like, margin , padding and border . But normalize.css gives a common book like appearance, like bold heading, margin between paragraphs, Screen friendly fonts, etc.


Question: Difference between display none and visibility hidden ?

Answer: Visibility:hidden hide the content from user but retain space. Whereas Display:none hide the content and remove space.