API Gateway API Key File Format

API Gateway can import API keys from external files of a comma-separated value (CSV) format, and then associate the imported keys with one or more usage plans. The imported file must contain the Name and Key columns. The column header names aren't case sensitive, and columns can be in any order, as shown in the following example:

Key,name apikey1234abcdefghij0123456789,MyFirstApiKey

Key value must be between 30 and 128 characters.

An API key file can also have the DescriptionEnabled, or UsagePlanIds column, as shown in the following example:

Name,key,description,Enabled,usageplanIds MyFirstApiKey,apikey1234abcdefghij0123456789,An imported key,TRUE,c7y23b

When a key is associated with more than one usage plan, the UsagePlanIds value is a comma-separated string of the usage plan IDs, enclosed with a pair of double or single quotes, as shown in the following example:

Enabled,Name,key,UsageplanIds true,MyFirstApiKey,apikey1234abcdefghij0123456789,"c7y23b,glvrsr"

Unrecognized columns are permitted, but are ignored. The default value is an empty string or a true Boolean value.

The same API key can be imported multiple times, with the most recent version overwriting the previous one. Two API keys are identical if they have the same key value.